Classes IX-X

At the secondary level the school follows the CBSE curriculum for the courses of study and strictly adheres to the guidelines issued for the scheme of studies and scheme of examination.

We aim in building a firm base which enables the students to select the right stream of studies at the senior secondary level, which ultimately sets the direction for their higher studies. This not only enables them to develop as independent and successful learners but also as confident and creative individuals, and as responsible citizens of our nation.

Teaching – Learning Strategies

The teaching methodologies used in the classroom environment actively engage all students in the learning process. Variety of instructional strategies based on the assessed strengths, needs and interests of the students are adopted. The teachers implement whole group, small group, and individual instructions that provide for independent application and practices. Technology is extensively used in the day to day teaching in the classrooms. They identify and articulate clear learning objectives based on grade-level expectation and assessment of students’ needs.

Evaluation for Classes IX-X
The assessment plan of the school is as per the Assessments Guidelines of the CBSE. Periodic assessments are conducted as per the format to assess the Application, Understanding and Effort of the child in each of the scholastic areas.

The academic year is divided into two terms. Students are evaluated through formal assessments as well as through their day to day performance    assessments as well as through their day to day performance which include written work done in school and at home, oral assessments like group discussions and interactions, projects, assignments etc.

Evaluation for Class X

The academic session is divided into two terms. Each term includes two assessments where the second assessment in term 2 will be the Secondary School Examination, conducted by CBSE towards the end of the academic year.

The school based assessments includes formal written assessments along with CCE which includes areas like written assessments, multiple assessments, portfolio/ notebooks and subject enrichment.

There will be Pre Board 1 and Pre-Board 2 conducted before the Final board exams.