RIMS Faculty :

Teachers are the pillars of a school, giving children a strong foundation in the early years of their learning. They have an enduring impact on children’s development, as they not only impart knowledge but also instil in them sound values and healthy attitudes.

The faculty at Rims enhances the potential that already exists in a child, waiting to be recognised and polished; who teaches children to ‘think’, to stimulate young minds into higher order thinking skills. They are well trained to enable children to learn to value strategic, ethical and moral reasoning, perseverance and creativity.

The teachers here are Tech Savvy and make utmost and judicious use of SMART AUDIO VISUAL BOARDS for classroom interactions. The school is committed to increase the  teacher development programmes, both in the academic and non-academic domains. The teachers attend the training programmes to keep them updated with the latest development in the field of education. This helps them not only to be a facilitator to our children but also as a counsellor, guiding light for our students.

They play a vital role in making our school a place for ethos, pathos and logos by interweaving these during the teaching learning process always keeping in mind to instill the core values of the school and reinforces them in the class. The faculty is knowledgeable, articulate and courteous, proficient in the discipline he or she is teaching and always ready to learn and become better – to hone academic and emotional intelligence. They would like to be perfect, but is human enough to know perfection is not always possible and is more than willing to learn from mistakes to become a better facilitato